Eric’s computer games

During 2000-06, my primary hobby was software development, mainly games. I used C++ and the Allegro library.

Nine games I made with Allegro: Puzzle Stars, PacHack, Icecream Van, Tomb Robber, Legoland Adventures, MADD Race, Julian vs The World, We Deliver.

I wrote two articles in Pixelate magazine, a webmag written mainly by and for the Allegro community.
#9 – MIDI tricks with Allegro
#11 – 
Maintaining accurate player control at low frame rates

Eric’s memoirs of game creation: A technical and autobiographical account of the things I did in my endeavours to make computer games.

More recent stuff:

Traitorball – a ball game for 8-50+ players. I wrote the webapp that serves as the scoreboard.

Eat It – a card game. I finished off the Flash version made by another developer but not quite finished. My friends later made an Android version.