Allegro games 2000-06

Here are seven games I made. They’re described briefly in the table here and in more detail down the page. DOWNLOAD all games (5.1MB). The games unzip into separate directories.

Puzzle Stars was my big project in 2000, although I’ve worked on it since. All the others were made for competitions in which entrants had a short time (usually three days) to make a game meeting the requirements they specify, which are usually chose at random from a large set of artistic and technical requirements.

For Windows users: After downloading, unzip it somewhere and run the exe file to play the game.

For non-Windows users: All the games here except PacHack have the source code. To compile them you need a C++ compiler and the Allegro library. All have makefiles which should require minimal change. Julian vs The World also has a Mac version.

GAME made with Competition When Days
Puzzle Stars Trevor Tao 2000+
PacHack Reality Sucks Team comp Jun-Jul 01 4
Icecream Van Sam Lawrence SpeedHack Apr 02 3
Tomb Robber Sam Lawrence, Simon Morris Back2Hack Jul 02 8
Cubed SpeedHack May 03 3
Madd Race Scott Maclean, Bek Stewart SpeedHack Jun 04 3
Legoland Adventures Glenys Love TINS Feb 05 3
Julian vs The World Nick Majcen SpeedHack Aug 05 3
We Deliver TINS Mar 06 3

Puzzle Stars is a puzzle game with a platform game engine, the project I have put the most work into. Contains the ten original puzzles and four more. It supports joysticks and makes use of the AngelScript scripting system. I’ve included the entire AngelScript source (modified from what is now an old version), which contains x86-specific assembly code, so this will only compile on a PC. As well as my version here. there is an older Linux version which you can get at Linux Games.

PacHack (not in the zip) is a somewhat incomplete game by Reality Sucks, an international team of eight: Four from different parts of USA, one each from Canada and France, and Colin & me. Despite our poor result (4th out of 4) it was a great experience, hence my continued participation in these competitions. I developed a tile system which got reused in Tomb Robber, Madd Race, Legoland and Julian.

Icecream Van (not in the zip) is a rough modification of the Allegro demo game. It came 1st out of 18 in one of three judging criteria (code reuse).

Tomb Robber is a platform game. In the eight days of Back2Hack we had to make a game using the BackMobile, a virtual system (built on Allegro) simulating an 80s video game system. The only other entry I know of was Tom the Tomato by Elias Pschernig from Germany, whose catalogue of games (mostly from these contests) is longer and more impressive than mine.

Cubed is a rough 3D game, the SpeedHack requirements calling for my first excursion into the 3D paradigm.

Madd Race was originally a simple game made at MADD camp, then developed into an amphibious racing game in the SpeedHack.

Legoland Adventures is a platform game with photo-graphics. It came 4th out of 22 in three of four judging criteria.

Julian vs The World is another platformer (drawing heavily on the previous one), which was poor after the three days, but it has since been completed. OS X version thanks to Thomas Harte.

We Deliver is a fast top-down game with bikes, trains and automobiles. It came 2nd out of 21 in one category (the ‘time’ genre).