Eric’s music stuff

Over the years I’ve written a number of songs and plays and that kind of thing.

Keep on Coding: a stage musical, the only fairly complete and sizable one I’ve written.

User-Friendly: In July 2001 I began writing this musical for 2-3 singers, but it the idea got too big and all I ended up writing was what would have been the opening number. It has a PowerPoint show which goes along with the song. In Feb 03 I wrote No.2. These two songs are among my best.
User-Friendly: mid, wrk, pdf, ppt, doc (369kB) . . Script

A musical of the story of David & Goliath, written and performed at MADD Camp in July 2003. I wrote most of the words. (Also from that camp, my time-travel bed-time story).

Pitch Drop: a short musical written in in June 2004 about the UQ pitch drop experiment. Two numbers are written and it needs a finale.

A play of the Three Little Pigs story, written at MADD Camp in spring 2005. My contribution was writing the bulk of the dialogue in Seussian verse.

Miscellaneous music/songs/poems: The Four Physicists, Colin is Late, Sonata for Piano & Clarinet, Boehm Family Farm, Duet from Eva’s Adventure, barbershop Happy Birthday, Misfortune, the Maranatha song.

Karaoke Wave file maker: A program that removes the main vocal part from some recorded music.  Windows exe & DLL, C++ code, explanation

I have also written an article for Pixelate magazine on manipulating MIDI music in a C program.

A great deal of what I have written has never been performed. Cheers go to anyone who has at any stage brought one of my creations to life! These include my friends who bravely joined me in quartets in lectures, Kate & her friends in Victoria who sang a bit of KoC in chem class and MADD campers in 03 & 05 who performed on a Friday night a play which didn’t exist on the previous Monday.

Notes about the formats: Much of this music was written in Cakewalk Home Studio (quite a handy program even 13 years later) so the zip files include Cakewalk’s native .wrk format, in addition to the MIDI files. There are PDF printouts (sheet music) from Cakewalk.