Racing the train

In 1999 my major project was software to control a train set modelled on the Belair line. I got interested in the real one and noticed how close Lynton and Pinera stations were to each other on the map. I thought it must be possible to run from one to the other in less time than the train.

I tried (uphill!) and failed miserably, due to getting lost. Instead of getting up to Windy Point, I got onto a mound looking up at it. I decided it was too ambitious.

Years later I tried again going downhill, but starting while the train was still on its way up, giving me an extra 10+ minutes. I only just caught the train and decided that doing it in real time was infeasible.

In 2017 I revisited the idea, with a few things having fallen into place:
I got into parkrun and was running 5km in under 22 min.
I was working near Mitcham station.
The Lynton bike track has been built, so there was a 3.7km route.

I tried running the route and came in under the time.
Then I did it for real, beating the train. The downhill running muscles were sore after that.
I did it again and some friends recorded me doing it! Editing the video was harder than the run.
Just after the run with the cameras, a friend said Pinera or Belair to Torrens Park would be easier. They are further apart as the crow flies, so I hadn’t thought of it.
I scouted routes around there. Found OpenStreetMap has tracks that Google Maps didn’t. Lovely places to walk there. No footpath on James Rd, so running around there wouldn’t be fun.
Found some tracks in Randell Park. Great scenery there. Planned a route.
Ran it successfully uphill! Did so a few times.
After a number of unsuccessful tries, I ran Lynton to Pinera uphill.